Material Decarbonization by FLD Technologies

Opening new dimensions of the hydrogen circular economy and decarbonization

FLD Technologies is a pioneer in profitable, viable, regionally implementable, and networkable integrated hydrogen solutions. We provide solutions and products for green fuel, power, heating, and cooling. FLD Technologies’ patented technology adds new dimensions to the circular economy. Naturally available raw materials become energy without environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. In addition, we remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, clean the air, and return carbon to the earth as natural, solid material. We enable ecosystems that have the potential to create a negative CO2 footprint. 


HyRegio® : Orchestrated platform with networkable regional hubs for self-sufficient hydrogen production from biogas.

The value of HyRegio®: air purification and returns from the CO2 avoidance price


According to the current state of the art, biogas plants are used exclusively to generate electricity.

The orchestrated platform HyRegio® from FLD Technologies adds a new dimension to the previous, conventional methods. Compact, regionally deployable, and highly efficient modules allow the production of hydrogen, heat, and electricity/cooling from biogas, or bio feedstock. The advantage for producers, investors, and consumers is that the modules turn regions into self-sufficient energy suppliers.

Our plants clean the atmosphere of CO2 previously emitted by industry. The raw materials processed in the biogas plant have so far removed CO2 from the atmosphere. We use this material – unlike in the past – not to burn it to produce new CO2. Instead, the biogas is converted into hydrogen, electricity, heat and cooling in the methane splitter by plasma pyrolysis. The remaining carbon from bio feedstock is geologically stored as a harmless solid. In our process, no gas is injected into the earth, but is removed from the atmosphere as biocarbon. We call our process mGHGm® because we significantly reduce GHG (“Minimizing Green House Gas Measurably”). With this method we materialize the so far unused ecological potentials of conventional CCS.

HyRegio® hubs as data provider and crystallization seed of an innovative hydrogen ecosystem with strong growth prospects

The affordable and profitable HyRegio® hubs can network with each other and beyond on a cloud-based technology platform. The data obtained serves as a decision-making basis, for example, for energy producers, utilities, the automotive and other industries, transportation companies and associations, providers of smart mobility solutions, municipalities, politics, initiatives, etc.



HyRegio®-Hub:  The advantages

More efficient biogas processing

The classic separation processes for obtaining bio-methane are investment- and energy-intensive. Residual gas must be subjected to costly aftertreatment. The FLDT process is pressureless. It no longer requires compression of the gas for separation. It yields methane gas with a concentration of over 99 vol.%. Learn more …

Energy-saving bio-methane splitting

The FLDT process of plasma pyrolysis for methane cracking requires only a quarter of the electrical energy that would be needed to produce the same amount of H2 in electrolysis. Deionized water is no longer required. In this way, the process proceeds entirely without greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more …

Air decarbonization with mGHGm®

In contrast to conventional CCS processes, with our mGHGm® method we store solid biocarbon geologically and permanently in the ground. No gas is injected into cavities under pressure. By returning carbon to the earth in a beneficial way, we achieve a negative carbon footprint.. Learn more …

Combined heat and power plant (CHP)

Combined heat and power plants (CHP) convert chemical energy of biogas into green electricity and heat. Methane releases are avoided, which are 23 times more harmful than CO2 emissions. The HyRegio® hub gives CHPs a new role: by operating biogas plants economically and with reduced emissions.. Learn more …

Hub- and cloud-based data mining

The decentralized and networked HyRegio® hubs from FLD Technologies acquire valuable data on consumption, demand, and peak times. These are stored in a cloud for evaluation and exchange between hubs. Data not previously collected provides a basis for further optimization. Learn more …

Hydrogen distribution system

HyRegio® provides for the demand-oriented supply of communities with electricity, heating/cooling and hydrogen. To meet these requirements in a flexible, stable and profitable way, the H2 production is extended by a local distribution system. Previously unrecorded information provides an important, unique basis. Learn more …

Unique selling propositions

Green H2 from biogas everywhere

Measurable purification on the atmosphere

Negative CO2 footprint possible

Self-sufficiency through H2 electricity

Gain in efficiency and profitability

FLDT products

Green hydrogen

In the future, hydrogen will be the main energy carrier alongside electricity. It does not occur in pure form in nature and must be produced technically. It is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless gas.. Learn more …

Heating and cooling

In the HyRegio® process, a basic distinction can be made between two modes of operation, which can be used alternatively: ecological electricity production and sustainable hydrogen production. Learn more …

Green electricity

With HyRegio®, electricity is only one of the possible products. The decision on the mode of operation – electricity or hydrogen – lies with the producer. This creates the opportunity to economically optimize the plant as a whole. Learn more

Green CO2

The CO2 produced in biogas upgrading can be called “green CO2” or bio-CO2. It can be used as a product for e.g. greenhouses or as a raw material in the chemical industry. Learn more …

Certificate of Origin

The splitting of biogas into hydrogen and pure carbon with its immobilization causes the minimization of greenhouse gases. The proof by certificates is a value-adding product. Learn more …

Not collected data

HyRegio® offers a distribution platform for regional hubs. There, distribution channels can be marketed centrally. Data mining offers many application possibilities. Learn more …

Investment opportunities

1. Significant additional revenue from CO2 emission trading through application of the mGHGm® process

The extraction of CO2 from the air by means of mGHGm® represents an exclusive opportunity to use biogas plants for value creation – far more effectively than before.

2. Scaling effects through modular design of the plants

Significant scaling effects are easy to achieve because the plants are modular. This optimizes investment costs. The modules can be duplicated in accordance with the “Economy of Series”.

3. Considerable market potential due to new economic perspectives for biogas plants

The number of biogas plants in Germany is around 10,000, and the market is expected to grow further through greater inclusion of anaerobic post-digestion of biowaste and purification of wastewater.

4. Flexibility in the product portfolio

The process offers the possibility of switching between “green electricity” and “green hydrogen” in a value-optimizing manner. With “green H2”, other co-products such as bio-CO2 or bio-carbon are also available. Both operating modes have in common that a substantial heat supply is available.

The distribution system of HyRegio® facilitates the access to “green” hydrogen, which contributes to increased acceptance of the product, e.g. H2 mobility.

5. Digitization of the regional energy supply

Coupling single HyRegio® hubs to digital platform offers the opportunity not only to develop the hubs into an economic “ecosystem”, but also to actively support the co-operation of municipalities in energy supply.

6. Synergy effects through practical sector coupling "on site"

The product diversity of HyRegio® enables sector coupling at the municipal level. Flexible adaptation to local conditions coupled with current data leads to economically attractive results.

The management team

Dr. Marek Fulde


  • Process engineer, 30 years of experience in leading positions in research and international plant engineering and construction.
  • Several years of experience in environmental technology and flexibilization of energy-intensive processes
  • Consultant in the European Commission project ‘CertifHy Guarantees of Origin (GO) for Green Hydrogen’.


Benjamin Richters


  • Process engineer, 30-year process engineer and project manager with several years of experience in international plant construction
  • Experience in building and leading international project teams in petrochemical plant construction
  • Developer of processes for the chemical recycling of waste materials’.




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